Toy Fair

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Me and my bestfriend, Tatang (Jabi) made a detour at Gaisano Mall before going home. Since it was still 2pm and pretty much sure that the commute on our way home will be long, uncomfortable and exasperating, I convinced him to come with me to Gaisano, so I could buy feeds for my hamsters. Gladly, he agreed without complaining. There is a van terminal at the Gaisano grounds so it would also be much convenient than waiting for our ride at the highway infront our school.

He said that it is also about time that we come window shopping for books at National Bookstore. When we arrived Gaisano though, first things supposed to be first -- my hamster feeds, was overlapped by a bypass to the toys section. He said that he'd like to look at the stuffed toys. I looked at him mischievously and teased "That a peace offering for someone?" I asked slyly. Of course, he denied it. Oh well. Might as well take a look.

I was quite surprised to see Naruto plush toys there. I used to see Pikachu and Goku, but it was my first to actually see Naruto ones. My, I was holding my cellphone that time and I ended up using my poor 2megapixel Motorola V3x to take shots of Naruto and his gang. Okay, I'm stubborn, so I ignored the rule: No pictures allowed. I'm not a Naruto Fan, nor did the want to have them came to my mind. But I still checked the price: P249.XX each. PlaH`~

At the other end of the stuffed toys section, were wigs. Jabi first caugh sight of weird wigs. I encouraged him to try them on, and lol, it was crazy. My poor cameraphone became an instrument to capture the spotlight. Of course, I didn't try any of the wigs. I was not so much in to it. Until I saw a long straight colorful wig (purple, blonde, red, etc.) And my eyes just sparkled I almost felt that I was drooling. It was still in plastic, so I forced myself to behave and not try to tear the protective cover. Phew~ and it cost only P99, the rest were around P200 or P300 something, too bad I did not pay attention when Jabi said the price.

In Search for Coffee with Icecream

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I was eating Nestle's Choco Java Chips Drumstick one day, indulging in its heavenly taste, I suddenly remembered the Caramel Frappe I had at Coffee Club 101 with my best friend two days before.

Then I just knew I was already craving for an ice cold coffee with icecream -- if such delight even exists. I craved for it, I could almost feel my tastebuds' imaginary tasting the coffee and icecream.

My plurkmates said they've never heard of such kind of coffee, some even suggested I make my one for my own. Too bad we do not have coffe maker at home. Well, I just have to try searching for it. So with my savings, and while waiting for our appointment for our researchpapers, I had to go to Coffee Dream at KCC. Too bad they don't have what I've been looking for, so I ended up ordering Berry Chocolate. The name sounded like it's too sweet, so I requested it to be less sweet. Too bad, it tasted much like cocoa and I wasn't able to appreciate my drink anymore. So much for altering the original recipe.

Whatever. When I came home to Davao, I made an errand for Ate Sheng and Kyaws to claim their camera lens at Canon. I had another mission on mind: to convince my mother to come to a coffee shop (so I could continue my search for that coffee with ice cream). Lucky that my father gave the two of us allowance. So we were able to eat out at Tata Benito's, just in the grounds of Robinson's Davao. My, of course they don't have coffee with icecream. So I ended up ordering their bestseller, Nutty Mocha Cream Freeze. Mmm. Tasted close to heaven. The whipped cream was like a consolation for me. Tata Benito's seemed like it was still on its soft openning, everything was new, and on the next table we suppose, were the owners, discussing plans about the coffee shop. Well, I had fun with my date with mom too. It had been long that we last had dated, so I talked a lot too.

But of course, I won't give up on my quest for: Coffee with IceCream.

World Domination Badges

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I'm so glad that my creative juices seem to have not run out even when I am too busy with our papers in our summer practicum. It's a good thing that dating with Photoshop cs3 alongside with my creativity serves as an outlet for my stress.

And voila! I'm not lazing around, but instead, I get to become productive in my simplest ways.

Still with the Eye Screams theme, I've been working on my "Total World Domination" theme, and the otaku that I am, I decided to create badges that would bear title to MY POWER in my conquest to rule over the world. *Insert Evil Laugh Here*

I didn't do much here but create layers and fixing the images to fit my theme. So, I give credits to the makers of these *googled and deviantart-ripped* images, whoever the owner is. And ultimately, the copyright belongs to the creators of the animes themselves. All hands down. Basically, these badges as a product of my delusion, are fanarts.

Soul Eater Plushies

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I always wanted to make a plush toy of Soul Eater's logo. And just today, finally, I've finished my project! This is also my first try at embroidery, so it's a bit sloppy.

But well, it turned out great anyway. This one's supposed to be a keyholder but since it's too big for keys, I'll be using this one as a decoration for my bag. (^o^)~

I love Death the Kid. His obsession for symmetry just makes him ... close to perfect. Only for his hair-lines. Haha.

This is also my first version of DTK's soul. His original soul color is red but I wanted it black, so I made it black. Pwned. I'm trying to make an improved version of him, with embroidered eyes and lines. I just wish it ends up better than the first one. (n_n)~

Eye Screams

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To complete my new blogger template, I made my first set of vector art, Screaming Little Minions, as one of the mascots of my blog. I made these on photoshop cs3 and except for Devil Orange's wings and ear tattoo, these are my 'original' characters. All rights reserved.

Meet Bunny Prey, Devil Orange, Mint Alien, and His Vampire Highness~

Happy Easter~

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Rejoice! Today is the celebration to commemorate the Risen Christ~ And since Easter is also associated with bunnies, I present to you, my first hand-made plush toy collection, starring, Pirate Bunny!!!

Haha, well, it doesn't look like Easter at all, but nevertheless, there is a bunny. And instead of Easter Eggs, I have onigiri and dango instead!


The Yellow Club
(Mom made those little minions)

The Poor Big Onigiri is my Pin Cusion!

Onigiris and Dango

Deviruchi Wanna-be

Lost Memories of one Good Anime

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07 Ghost, another anticipated anime for Spring 2009 which just started this month had made me pledge to continue to watch out for the new episodes that should come.

The setting of the story reminded me of Code Geass, and as well as the art which made me think that this might be one of CLAMP's new works. Turned out I was wrong, for this manga adaptation was created by Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara and character designed by Maki Fuuji.

The first episode triggered my curiousity eventually. I was looking forward for something dark or intriguing within the anime that'll surely keep me puzzled. I haven't read the plot synopsis so I totally had nary an idea what the anime is all about.

As the episode progresses, I couldn't help but think about Code Geass and notice the similarities of both. With their setting almost the same, military and a touch of monarchy, it kept my mind also busy contemplating whether the plot would also end up the same. Two friends-turn-out enemies by the inevitability of their positions.

I couldn't still guess by the way the first episode went. I am quite hopeful that the two friends wouldn't have to draw at each others swords eventually after they are separated. And also, that is, if any of them uses swords. They somehow had this unique magical power that has encryptions which circle around them, of a typical electric field. The circling codes made their powers unique. It's a first seeing that kind of power, in my case.

It impressed me, that my intuition did not coincide with what is to happen in the story. The main character had lost his memory ever since he went into the military academy. He was a sklave (slave) but he had managed to get into the academy by reasons I don't know yet. He was favored and also, he seems intelligent and talented with the arts. He had vivid dreams which he couldn't understand. There was just this necklace which gave the clue as to the meaning of his dream

I tell you, better watch this anime so you'll understand why this student
is showing *porn* to the whole class.
Don't worry, this anime is neat~

It surprised me, that he did remember about his forgotten past when he saw the necklace again. His father was murdered by the Ayanami, the man that seemed to be a high-ranking official, or might be, he's the President or King of their empire. With Teito's dream, I then guessed that he might be of royalty. His father must be the King. Which then ties up to what Ayanami's role is.

This fantasy shounen/shoujo anime will be rooted with revenge, as well.

The whole set of characters was flooded with bishounen. I'm pretty sure the otakus were heavily nosebleeding for the span of Episode 1. It quite disappointed me and made me fear that this could fall to those overrated animes which don't even make sense. Vampire Knight for example, no offense fans, but I just can't seem to find the depth within the plot after I watched the whole of 1st and 2nd season.

But then again, this might just be like Code Geass, full of beautiful boys -- and packed with an intense plot. I do hope it's not Yaoi. But if it's as tolerable as Kyou Kara Maouh, then, I wouldn't mind. Surely, this is a new anime to look forward to.

Synopsis: Set in a gothic fantasy world, this is the story of Teito Klein, an orphaned slave who became the top military academy student. However, an unexpected turn of events left him pursued by the forces of the Barsburg Empire. Now an escaping convict, Teito’s sheltered by the church and it’s law of sanctuary. Here, he discovered many mysteries surrounding himself, the church, and the Empire itself. The fact that he might be connected to a dethroned king and the mystical stone of god, ‘The Eye of Mikhael’ made him the target of the empire more than ever. Fortunately the church is under the mythical 7 Ghost protection. But who are the Ghosts really. Will Teito be free from the military’s clutch, And what of his said mission to uncover the history. And who is the military’s Chief-of-Staff Ayanami exactly. Teito’s future seems to have spiraled into an unexpectedly perilous path. (from: ANN)

Screenshots from HeySayAnimeDotCom

Download Episode 1 - The Approaching Painful Thought Is...
@ AnimeTake

FMA 1 - Review and Download

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After rewatching the anime series which deviated from the original manga, it made me remember, compare, and feel the depth of the story once again. The adaptation took on another direction on Dante's arc, where all of the plot was then set to anchor on the beginning of all: Dante's quest for the Philosopher's Stone to reclaim her 'immortality' once again, after the disappearance of Hohenheim.

Edward, Al, and Mustang, on their quest for their dream were constrained with the Law of the Equivalent Trade; A person cannot gain something without losing something, To gain something you need something of equal value. That is, the Law of Conservation: the law which governed everything in alchemy, and the law which served as the foundation of the whole story.

Dante's arc, which is the divergence from the original manga wasn't anything inferior at all. It gave the profundity and intrigue of the same manga, the clashes of logic and morals, and the disturbance and confusion it exudes into the viewer's point of view.

The anime wasn't actually as unsettling as the philosophical outlooks of Death Note, Code Geass and Kuroshitsuji, but what made Full Metal Alchemist equally as dark was the taboo that the brothers has committed, which marked the beginning of their story.

In their determination to revive their dead mother, they performed human transmutation; but they failed at the expense of Alphonse's body and Edward's left foot. Sin upon sin, in desperation to bring Al back, he transfigured Al's soul into a suit of armor and at the exchange for his right hand.

In committing the taboo, their bodies were the payment for their own sins, and for that failed transmutation, the brothers have pledged to regain their bodies back, what they have lost, and given up as the equivalent exchange; by gaining the thing that ignores the fundamental law of all: the Philosopher's Stone.

As the plot reaches to its unnerving climax, the anime presents a break in the foundation of what the brother's quest was all about. The fact the the Philosopher's stone was made of human lives, the conspiracy of their own military government, and the existence of the Homunculus: the artificial human beings without a soul, beings that were given birth from failed human transmutations. The homunculus were also in pursuit of the Philosopher's stone who had been toying with human rationality under their hands to create the stone for themselves.

What striked me most was the role of Lust, a homunculus. Without a soul, she yearned to understand who she really was, and what were the memories she had, memories that were created even before she was transmuted, memories owned by the real person who had died and whom she was transmuted for: Scar's older brother's lover.

The homunculus were under the hands of Dante, and they were promised to become human when they obtain the Philosopher's Stone. And Lust was a homunculus who had the greatest desire to become one, even betraying her own comrades and to side with Edward at her own desperation.

Homunculus are products of a failed human transmutation, and they were the marks of the alchemist's sins. Sloth, the homunculus who was born because of Edward and Al's attempt to revive their mother was one of them. The brothers took the responsibility to atone for their sins, and killed her.

It then occured to me, it wasn't the Homunculus' fault that they were born without souls. They only wanted to be humans, and I asked myself, why can't they live with humans? Basically, I could not blame the brother's resolutions to kill them because they were the villains. They tried to manipulate humanity to create the forbidden stone, and schemed to kill thousands of lives to create the it.

Their goal made them deserving to die, or so the story goes. It was just too sad that they weren't given a chance to live.

Close to the anime's end, it made me ask: "What was all this for?" The young brothers became adults at an early age, experienced many burdens that they have to carry for the rest of their lives, they had to sacrifice the child within them to chase on their one goal, to bring their bodies back. But everything was just futile.

Edward has abandoned this dream. I could even remember Roy Mustang say, "Dreams that come true are not real dreams." Because when they do, then they are not dreams anymore. Also, Edward has made the conviction, that there are some things more important than bringing their bodies back nor of revenge.

The anime ends with the sense of yearning. Al, who became the Philosopher's stone had sacrificed himself to transmute his brother back from death. He was Killed by Envy, their Homunculus born from the transmutation of Honeheim and Dante's dead son - their half-brother. And when Edward was alive once again, his hands and legs no longer automail, and knowing that his brother disappeared; he too performed transmutation to bring his brother back too. Knowing that the Law of Equivalent Trade wasn't real, all these vain were all there is after another vain.

So, the brothers get separated. Edward was at the other side of the 'Gate' where there is no alchemy, just machines. And Alphonse was back in his own body, without memories of what had transpired after that dreadful day they tried to transmute their mother back to life. And so, they both reach for the unreachable sky, and on a quest for them to meet again.

All for one, One for all. Everything in the world just revolves in cycles. Or so the story says... Apparently, the First Season hasn't really ended. I only realized that it is also possible for the Second Season to continue to where the first had left off. But even if I desired to know if the two brothers could meet again, I have to give up on that yearning and accept that it'll be just a dream.

Because Season 2 is a remake of the anime and the faithful adaptation of the manga. And my anticipation is equally as high for this Season as well.

Direct Download Complete Full Metal Alchemist Season 1 (Japanese Subbed - Avi):
Episode 01 - One Who Challenges the Sun
Megaupload Netload
Episode 02 - Body of Taboo
Megaupload Netload
Episode 03 - Mom
Megaupload Netload
Episode 04 - Transmutation of Love
Megaupload Netload
Episode 05 - Dash! Auto-Mail
Megaupload Netload
Episode 06 - National Alchemist eQualification Test
Megaupload Netload
Episode 07 - The Night the Chimera Cries
Megaupload Netload
Episode 08 - Philosopher's Stone
Megaupload Netload
Episode 09 - Silver Watch of the Dog of the Military
Megaupload Netload
Episode 10 - Thief Psiren
Megaupload Netload
Episode 11 - Gravel Earth (Part One)
Megaupload Netload
Episode 12 - Gravel Earth (Part Two)
Megaupload Netload
Episode 13 - Flame versus Full Metal
Megaupload Netload
Episode 14 - Right Hand of Destruction
Megaupload Netload
Episode 15 - Ishbal Massacre
Megaupload Netload
Episode 16 - Lost Thing
Megaupload Netload
Episode 17 - The House Where the Family Waits
Megaupload Netload
Episode 18 - Marco Note
Megaupload Netload
Episode 19 - The Genuine Truth Behind Truths
Megaupload Netload
Episode 20 - Guardian's Soul
Megaupload Netload
Episode 21 - Crimson Glow
Megaupload Netload
Episode 22 -
Created Human
Megaupload Netload
Episode 23 - Heart of Steel
Megaupload Netload
Episode 24 - Affixing Memories
Megaupload Netload
Episode 25 - Farewell Ceremony
Megaupload Netload
Episode 26 - Her Reason
Megaupload Netload
Episode 27 - Teacher
Megaupload Netload
Episode 28 - All Is One, One Is All
Megaupload Netload
Episode 29 - Innocent Child
Megaupload Netload
Episode 30 - South Headquarters Assault
Megaupload Netload
Episode 31 - Sin
Megaupload Netload
Episode 32 - Dante of the Deep Forest
Megaupload Netload
Episode 33 - Kidnapped Al
Megaupload Netload
Episode 34 - The Theory of Avarice
Megaupload Netload
Episode 35 - Reunion of Fools
Megaupload Netload
Episode 36 - The Sinner Within Me
Megaupload Netload
Episode 37 - The Fighting Lieutenant & The Mystery of the 13th Warehouse
Megaupload Netload
Episode 38 - With the River's Flow
Megaupload Netload
Episode 39 - Eastern Civil War
Megaupload Netload
Episode 40 - The Scar
Megaupload Netload
Episode 41 - Holy Mother
Megaupload Netload
Episode 42 - Without Knowing His Name
Megaupload Netload
Episode 43 - The Stray Dog Ran Away
Megaupload Netload
Episode 44 - Hohenheim of Light
Megaupload Netload
Episode 45 - One Who Lets Her Heart Rot
Megaupload Netload
Episode 46 - Human Transmutation
Megaupload Netload
Episode 47 - Homunculus Seal
Megaupload Netload
Episode 48 - Farewell
Megaupload Netload
Episode 49 - Beyond the Door
Megaupload Netload
Episode 50 - Death
Megaupload Netload
Episode 51 - Fin
Megaupload Netload